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I’m not depressed

I am not depressed
I’m just deflated
Out of style and over-dressed
At second-best, I’m overrated

An old birthday balloon
(Out of breath, somewhat bated)
I hum my jingles out of tune
One-hit-wonders soon outdated

Like a song without sound
Mourning a muted meltdown
I’m at the point of no concern
For my inability to yearn

I am –
Whatever comes after
The past, the future
The cries, and the laughter

I remain –
Whatever came before
The purple rain, the midnight train
The virgin and the whore

I am a pixelated painting
Understood by few
Inexplicably containing
Little drops of you

You’re my middle C
A sepia photograph
Of my mundane eulogy
And my previous epitaph

You are my bitter half
The gall in my bladder
My nervous laugh
My endless chatter

You’re my history rewritten
My once shy, twice-bitten
My state-of-the-art
You’re the bottom of my heart

The top of my lungs
You’re my talking in tongues
The motivational quote
In my suicide note

And although I’ll never be free
From this heart on my sleeve
I’ll always wish you to be
The Adam to my Eve.

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  1. redericka redericka

    That was beautiful.

  2. “The top of my lungs
    You’re my talking in tongues
    The motivational quote
    In my suicide note”

    You make me want to write.

  3. Ilva Pieterse Ilva Pieterse

    Then my work here is done! 😉

  4. Adam Adam

    I don’t usually read the poetry I come across on the web, but this caught my eye for some reason. I’m so glad I took the time to read. By far the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read. Makes me smile and brings a tear to my eye every time I read it. Thank you so much for putting into words what most people can only feel. You are extremely talented, and just know that you have absolutely made an impact on me. I look forward to reading more 🙂

  5. This is more than beautiful! I have no words to describe what I felt!
    Thank you very much!

  6. Lid Lid

    Wow…this is beautiful. After I read this I was speechless. You have a beautiful gift.

  7. Sam Peter Sam Peter

    Im speechless and moved, really beautiful

  8. Kat Kat


  9. Tremendous! Your writing is all very wonderful. I somehow feel there is a straight line between you and me. It makes me want to understand Dutch(or is it Swedish?) Your expressions are picturesque and strike a chord within me. I’ll be sure to stay posted. Feel free to check out my blog. Best wishes, Ilva.

  10. matt matt

    Fantastic, Most poetry is dull and awkward, but this is beautiful and sublte

  11. Crunchy Crunchy

    Explicit use of the English language. Simply beautiful & I loved it!

  12. pourgurl pourgurl


  13. Karien Karien

    This is really good Ilva! Love to read more, do post some.

  14. Ashley Ashley

    I love this. I’ve been playing around with poetry for awhile. This is really good. You captured so much emotion in your words. Absolutely amazing. Very well written.

  15. MKD MKD


  16. Ingrid Ingrid

    This is so beautiful. You have a wonderful ability to put words together. <3 You've really made magic with this one.

  17. Anny Anny

    What a connection we all made with this poem. By writing your heart, you were able to write ours as well. thank you. <3

  18. The Tides of N The Tides of N


  19. amoet amoet


  20. Hi,

    This was a very good surprise, I like the sincerity of your verse and the use of unlikely metaphors. I also enjoyed dialectic verses.

  21. it.cuts.both.ways it.cuts.both.ways

    very beautiful. i’m not sure what else to say without sounding trite or melodramatic, but i absolutely love this. thanks for sharing.

  22. Helen Helen

    Like eating a delicious meal – although the subject matter is not a happy one, I smiled when I read this aloud – the words feel good in my mouth. You must take the same enjoyment from language and all it’s hidden curiosities that I do. Thank you for this linguistic delight.

  23. Morgan Morgan

    I like the turns you’ve used to choose your metaphors as well. It blossoms more with each reading. You’ve got an interesting thought process going on there. Bitter half – brilliant, point of no concern – great turn of phrase, we’ve all been there. I disagree that this is not a happy verse, I think you’ve used some verbal whimsy here to poke fun at some personal misery. Very well done.

  24. Logan Logan

    Sensationally beautiful.

  25. mandy aucamp mandy aucamp

    u have made me tjank… U UBER TALENTED AMAZING WOMAN U… xxx

  26. Brayn Brayn

    I’d like to thank you for bringing something beautiful to this world through this poem, it makes me think about my best friend and how she keeps me from doing stupid things

  27. perry long perry long

    truth(s) flow through
    the parade of words,
    and I gleefully wave my flag
    on the sidelines.

  28. Michele Iverson Michele Iverson

    Absolutely breathtaking!

    “I am a pixelated painting
    Understood by few
    Inexplicably containing
    Little drops of you”

    Wow! The imagery and rhythm are epiphanous–I don’t even know if that is a word. But what I mean to say is that the imagery and rhythm of the poem are bound to elicit an epiphany in anyone who experiences the poem.! Again, wow! Thank you.

  29. mike reckinger mike reckinger

    i feel lucky to have read this. thank you

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  31. Acadia Acadia

    I almost stopped reading half way through, but I couldn’t click away. Thank god.
    This is absolutely lovely and amazing.

  32. Ilva Pieterse Ilva Pieterse

    Thank you so much for reading 🙂

  33. Sandra Sandra

    poets like you inspire me to keep writing 🙂

  34. Ilva Pieterse Ilva Pieterse

    Thank you, Sandra… readers like you inspire me to keep writing 🙂

  35. Stefana Stefana

    stunning, goosebumps !

  36. nice poem! especially love the last few brilliant paragraphs.

  37. bob bob

    That was nothing short of inspired. Thanks for your fine poem.

  38. Abe Abe

    Most of the time, StumbleUpon never takes me to any good poems. This was NOT one of those times. Your metaphors and word play are a breath of fresh air, and the rhythm gave the poem a cool musical quality. Keep on writing! 😀

  39. savannahandjoanna savannahandjoanna

    that was reeeeal nice, real nice.

  40. that

    p.s visit my blog

  41. Ryan Reid Ryan Reid

    This was awesome! It was very relate-able, I love writing poems but it’s been awhile since i’ve written any, but you’ve completely inspired me to start up again! lol… your awesome, keep up the good work 😀

  42. rilka s. rilka s.


    what a beautiful description of being present and aware of your own thoughts and feeling. It’s a privilege that you shared your poetry with us. Thanks you so much-it inspires me to get back to my writing pad and start that rusty peotry pen of mine.

    Rilka S.

  43. Ilva Pieterse Ilva Pieterse

    Thanks, Rilka, you are beautiful

  44. Michael Adams Michael Adams

    Wow. I just got this and it turned my whole evening around, and over. Very good. It is hard to reach me with end-rhyming poetry, but you did!

  45. Mourning a muted meltdown…… I won’t say something from the farthest end of the complimenting spectrum, words that don’t fit because they’re too heavy with dramatization for me; I felt this poem, and Iwould love it if you could check out my work and, perhaps, tell me what I can work on or what works. I’m at Thanks,
    Shaun Van-Eek.

  46. Ruch Ruch

    trust me for the frist time in my life i read a poem N number of times !!!! its really really good …

    Keep writing such amazing stuff .. m loving it ..
    All the Best 🙂

  47. Shauna Shauna


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